May, 9 2011 — iPad Apps Review Online

[...] So no more stressing while downloading two or three documents at a time, with “I’m downloading” you could safely breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything would turn out well.

April, 28 2011 — App Store Australia

I bought this just today and have been impressed by the beautiful and well thought out UI. Please improve this great product by adding more formats such as .mkv or (even better) giving the option of opening unsupported downloads in different apps. Also, I noticed that when downloading larger files and multitasking, they sometimes timed out.

The option of toggling picture previews and the ability to view galleries with just the swipe of a finger would be really convenient. Overall, this app is really good. Future updates which improve compatibility with more websites (fileserve) and formats and tweaks here and there would make it fantabulous.

I'm downloading is made by Addition in Lisbon, Portugal

Made in Portugal by Addition
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